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Welcome to EagleVeu

Imagine looking at the world from an eagle’s eye view! If you think your 20/20 vision is excellent, that of an eagle is extraordinary. Inspired by the magnificent bird, EagleVeu Productions captures moments and memories with precision, perfection and clarity.

Our team of highly motivated professionals, approaches photography and video production with a fine artistic sensibility. Committed and passionate, we work with you to deliver an unmatched experience.

Together, we create magic!

Our Services

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Social Gathering

Fashion & Portrait

You may be the best in the business but nothing makes a statement like a well-designed portfolio! Our team of photographers is blessed with a discerning eye that can easily zero in on your most aesthetic angles.

E-Commerce & Product

It is a specialized field to provide consistently good output. Professional product photographers focus on the product properly while taking the shot and make it look as authentic as possible.

Weddings &

Wedding ceremonies last a few days but the celebrations are eternal. EagleVeu believes in preserving every precious moment - from the wedding jitters to the pre-wedding excitement, we’ve got your covered.

Corporate Coverage

Creating the best impression on customers and partners, arranging corporate photo-shoots, and capturing memorable corporate moments can be a task. Allow pictures to describe your company’s goals, values and culture, instead!

Filming Location
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Film Set

Ad Films & Commercials

Marketing with visual representations of your offerings captures your customers’ attention from the word go. Get product shots and head-shots that enhance your marketing collateral's, improve sales, and reinforce consumer trust.

Food Photography

The margarita may be a perfect blend of tang and sweetness; the margarita may be cheesy and fresh, but how will your customer ever know? We elevate the perfection of food and beverages with the right camera settings, plating and lighting. Let the pictures do the talking.


We make promo videos that are worth your while. Promote your merchandise with a short yet powerful short film that will create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers.


Documentaries ‘tell it like it is’ and we’re not ones to mince words. EagleVeu Productions presents the essence of a subject as it’s meant to be reported, leaving no room for ambiguity.


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